Shipping Information

We ship all of our orders by Canada Post Expedited Parcel. This service comes with tracking and is quite fast, as well as can be delivered to PO Boxes. Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of Canada.

We ship out your order within 48 hours, usually in less than 12 hours. You will receive notification and a tracking number by e-mail.

  • If some of the items in your order are out of stock, in-stock items ship immediately and out-of-stock items ship when they all arrive; typically 7 days, but up to 28 days
  • If all of the items in your order are out of stock, the order will be shipped when it can be filled, typically 7 days, but up to 28 days
  • The amount of inventory on hand of a particular item can be seen in the item details in the store

Below is a graphic representation of average shipping times to the highlighted provinces. Typically, if an order is shipped to a major city, it is there in 1-3 days, no matter what region the city is in. If the order is shipped to a remote location, small town, farm, or other similarly non-urban place, the shipping time will be near the high end of the estimate.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, simply contact us.

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