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Professional quality products and brands are designed exactly for that, the professional: hair stylists, estheticians, and makeup artists, to name a few.  But why should only these people get the good stuff?  Surely you could straighten your hair better and more easily with a professional straightener, right?  And makeup application has to be way easier when you’re using a set of professional brushes, how could it not be?  And the gel polish from the department store can’t even compare to the stuff they use at your salon, can it?  It doesn’t really seem fair.

We think everyone should use the good stuff.  Good tools, good equipment, good products; it just makes sense.  Typically the problem is the cost.  The good stuff costs so much more!  Or it used to.  We’re here to fix that.  We’re finding the best deals on the same things the professionals use and bringing them to you at outstanding prices.  Seriously, this is the same stuff your stylist uses, probably at the same prices she or he pays.  Maybe even less.  And with our return policies and warranties designed to make your life easy, what do you have to lose?

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